Lecture by Dr D. Cuneo and Dr C. Formigatti at STIMW – The Sanskrit Tradition in the Modern World

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On Friday 25th May, Dr Daniele Cuneo and Dr Camillo Formigatti presented the project at the STIMW – The Sanskrit Tradition in the Modern World conference held at Manchester University with the paper: “A Sanskrit Treasure Trove in East Anglia.”

First Lecture by Florinda De Simini

MS CUL Add.1645.1, particular of the inner side of the end cover, polychrome scene with Viṣṇu, Lakṣmī and Garuḍa.

Religious environments and the use of manuscripts:
a case study from Indian religious traditions

Since its inception, modern Sanskrit scholarship has looked at manuscripts as a major repository of classical Indian textual knowledge and used them for the production of critical editions. However, little attention has been paid to other traditional usages of manuscripts in ancient and modern times. On the basis of the textual evidence provided by Sanskrit juridical and religious works, Florinda De Simini (Università di Napoli “l’Orientale” / Università degli Studi di Torino) will discuss an important aspect of Indian manuscript culture, namely the production, correction and recitation of manuscripts for ritualistic purposes, trying to situate this topic in the broader context of textuality and traditional hermeneutics. The lecture will be held on Tuesday 22nd May, 5pm, rooms 8-9, Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies.