On Air 2: A Tiny Christmas Gift

Five more digitised Sanskrit manuscripts have been recently added to the Cambridge Digital Library.

Add.1605 is a paper manuscript of a Nepalese commentary on the Anaṅgaraṅga, a 15th- or 16th-century erotic treatise composed for the Muslim aristocrat Lāḍakhāna, son of Ahmad of the Lodī dynasty.

Add.1649 is a palm-leaf manuscript of the Siddhisāra, an unpublished work on astrology and divination attributed to the Nepalese king Jayajyotirmalla (1408–1428 CE). This manuscript is probably the only extant witness for this work and has been written during Jayajyotirmalla’s reign.

Add.1703 is a palm-leaf manuscript of an important Tantric work on rituals, the Vajrāvalī, compiled by the famous abbot of Vikramaśila monastery, Abhayākaragupta (late 11th–early 12th century CE). According to the colophon, this manuscript was written in the famous Golden Monastery (hiraṇyavarṇavihāra) in the city of Pātan in the Kathmandu valley, during the reign of Jayajyotirmalla’s successor, Jayayakṣamalla (1428-1482 CE).

Add.2251.2 is one palm-leaf folio of the Jayamaṅgalā of Yaśodhara (fl. 13th century), a commentary on the Kāmasūtra of Vātsyāyana Mallanāga. This folio was inserted by mistake in place of the original folio 80 of manuscript Add. 2151.1, a complete palm-leaf manuscript of the same work.

Add.2251.3 is one palm-leaf folio of Kālidāsa’s Kumārasambhava. Although being in the same bundle as Add.2251.1 and Add.2251.2, this stray leaf is not related in any way to the other two manuscripts, since both the kind of palm leaf and the script are in fact entirely different.