An Ogre Howling in a Meditation Cell

śūnyagṛhe piśācas tu garjate na ca dṛśyate,
evaṃ yakārā vaktavyā dhi-y-agnir jma nidarśanam

MS Add. 1709, Lomaśīśikṣā

Giovanni Ciotti, PhD candidate at the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Cambridge, has helped the project team to catalogue eleven manuscripts containing śikṣā texts. These little-studied works on phonetics and phonology deal with the pronunciation and recitation of both Vedic and Classical Sanskrit, exploring thorny theoretical topics such as the accent-bearing unit (is it the syllable, the vowel or the combination vowel-consonant?) or enumerating Vedic words that one should memorise on account of the ambiguity of their articulatory features.